Adopt Me Beginner Tips

Adopt Me Beginner Tips

Adopt Me Beginner Tips

First time playing? This is where you need to start. Let me run you through all the Adopt Me Beginner Tips you’ll need to know when starting out.

Firstly, the main goal when playing Adopt Me is to get the best and rarest pets! You do that through earning money to buy Eggs, or by trading with other players. Secondly, build your empire with an awesome house and some cool toys. 

Ok, let’s get started!

Money, Money, Money

Money Adopt Me
Robux and Bucks

You’ll find there are two different types of money on Adopt Me, make sure you learn this first –

Robux: You have to purchase these with real money. 

Bucks: These are earnt through the game for Free.

There are a few ways you earn Bucks. Firstly, just by logging in every day, you will get rewarded. By doing tasks you will also earn money, just remember to have a pet out or be a baby while you do them!

What is in my Backpack?

Adopt Me backpack

The backpack is the most used item in Adopt Me. It’s here you can access all of your pets, food, toys and cars etc.


A great time-saving trick to learn right away is how to teleport (move instantly somewhere) using your backpack. The first teleport you need to learn is how to get to the Gift Store. It’s super simple, just open your Backpack and click on Gifts. Then click the + button, then click Yes and you’ll instantly be moved to the Gift Store. Easy!

Have some friends playing Adopt Me too, but don’t know where they are? Well, you just have to Teleport to them. This time you need to click on the Friends tab on the right side of your screen. It’ll then bring up a box showing you if any of your friends are online. If they are it’ll have a green ‘Teleport‘ box. Simply click on that and you’ll magically appear where they are!

Beginner Tips for Pets

How to get Pets

When starting out in Adopt Me you will be given a Starter Egg, which is a white egg with a graduation hat. However, you will only get a Cat or a Dog from a Starter Egg. To hatch your egg into a pet you’ll need to do 4 tasks. These appear as Orange and Blue circles on the top of the page. You can lean all about Eggs and how to hatch them on our Adopt Me Eggs page.

Adopt Me Tasks

The 5 Categories of Pets

What is the most common pet that you or your friends have in real life? A dog or a cat most likely. Know anyone with a pet Koala? Well, on Adopt Me anyone can have a dog, but as with life, rare pets are way cooler. 

Adopt Me is a game of chances. You choose how much you pay for Eggs depending on what chance you have of getting the best type of Pets.

Pets are grouped into these 5 types –

• Common 
• Uncommon
• Rare
• Ultra-Rare
• Legendary

Keep in mind that there are temporary promotions in Adopt Me for different groups of animals. For example, Japan Egg. These eggs won’t be here forever, so even the Common and Uncommon Woodland animals will be more trade-able once they are no longer available. 

How do I get the Best Pets?

It takes time, don’t expect to have great pets right away. The people with awesome rideable and mega neon Legendary pets have spent a long time earning money for eggs and doing some great trades. Starting out, the quickest way to get great pets is by –

• Earning Bucks faster: Follow our Adopt Me Money Tips to learn how.

• Being a Trading Pro: Trading is the quickest free way to fill your Backpack with cool Pets and toys. Everyone has different likes, so be selective with what trades you accept. Sometimes you find some great pets that people are willing to swap!

 • Buy Pets with Robux: A quick way to get some pets that you can trade.

Adopt Me Dragon

Ageing your Pets

Once you hatch your eggs, you’ll need to age your Pets by completing the Orange and Blue tasks. Your pets will then change from Newborn, through to Fully Grown. Bear in mind you’ll need to do many more tasks to age a Legendary pet than to age a Common pet.

Learn more about how to get the BEST and COOLEST Pets on our Adopt Me Pets page!

Play on a Private Server

The main game can get pretty busy sometimes. Fine if you are looking for people to trade with, but when you’re just trying to age your pets it can be a little annoying. So if you would like to have the game to yourself, or just play with your friends, create a private server (for free!) 

To do this, start on the Roblox main page. Enter Adopt Me, then scroll down to ‘Servers’. After that click ‘Create Private Server’ and you are then able to name your server. If you choose Configure you will be able to invite your friends, by generating a link that you send to them. You are only able to create one server per player. Enjoy your private Adopt Me server!

Get your own House

When first joining Adopt Me you will be given a basic House. Over time you will be able to improve and furnish your house as you earn more Bucks. 

Have a read here how to get the BEST Houses on Adopt Me. Some great tips.

Now go and put all these Adopt Me beginner tips into action. Game On!

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