What is Among Us and how do I play?

How to Play Among Us

Rapidly becoming one of the most popular online games now, Among Us is a cool strategy game where players are astronauts trying to either save or destroy a Spaceship. Who are the goodies and who are the baddies??

Where to find Among Us?

To play Among Us, you have the following options –

Download the App on Itunes or the Google Play Store for free
Play on a PC for $5
• Via Nintendo Switch – including cross-platform play!

* Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is rumoured to be released in 2021!


What is Among Us all about?

Among Us is a strategy game, set in space on a Spaceship. There needs to be a minimum of four players to start, with a maximum of 10. All of the people look the same, however, some of the players are designated as IMPOSTORS who are secretly trying to sabotage and kill the other players. 

As Crew Mates, the aim is to complete all of your tasks without being killed by the Impostor, or voted off the Ship, all the while trying to determine who the Impostor(s) are.

While as an Impostor, the aim is to kill ALL of the Crew Mates before they discover that you are the Impostor.

You are not able to choose whether you will be the Impostor, so it’s just a matter of luck. Don’t worry though, as you play more often you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be both Crew Mate and Impostor.

How to Start the game

On the first page, you have the option of either Local, Online or Freeplay. Along with some instructions under “How to Play.’ 

• Local – This is how you play with friends using the same Wifi. One of you needs to create a game, then the others can join under ‘Available Games’ 

• Online – Gives you three options – 

Host – Allows you to create your own game, once you enter the Spaceship you can choose either public or private.
Public – Join a random game that someone else has started. There will be a long list of available games, with the number of players already waiting on the right. For example –  4/10 means 4 players waiting in the game already with the maximum being 10. The host has the option of when to start the game once they have a minimum of 4 players.
Private – If a friend has created a private game, you can enter the code here to join their game.


Different Among Us game options to select

Choose your Spaceship

Set in space, you have the choice of three Spaceships to play on. Either –

• The Skeld
• Mira HQ, or
• Polus

Each spaceship looks unique, with different layouts. However, there aren’t any advantages for one over the others.

Select how many Impostors

You can choose how many Impostors there will be in the game. Choose from either 1, 2 or 3.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each number. For example –

• 1 Impostor – There are more Crew Mates to kill if you are the Impostor, however, there is less chance of you becoming the Impostor.

• 2 Impostors – This is my preferred choice. 

• 3 Impostors – As there are only 10 players, you’ll have more chance of becoming the Impostor. However, the game normally finishes quicker as there are fewer Crew Mates to kill.

Now to find out if you are a Crew Mate or the Impostor!

Spies Among UsMost players prefer to be an Impostor when playing Among Us. Much more exciting to kill rather be killed right!?!

Once the game begins, after the Shhh! page you discover whether you’re playing as an Impostor or a Crew Mate. Now to learn how to play!

How to Play Among Us - Objectives

To move around the Spaceship either use the joystick icon or touch the screen. When moving through doors, just wait at the doorway for 10 seconds and it’ll open.


As crewmates, you have two main objectives. Either complete all the tasks (for ALL crewmates) or uncover and vote out all of the Impostors.

Tasks are jobs to be completed which can ONLY be done by Crew Mates. They can’t be completed by Impostors, however, they will pretend to! When hosting a game you have the option of setting the number of tasks. The different types of tasks are as follows –

• Long – these tasks take quite a long time e.g Start Reactor
• Short – quicker, easier tasks such as 
Unlock Manifolds
• Common – tasks which every crewmate will have e.g Admin Swipe Card
• Visual – other players can see you doing these tasks e.g Submit Scan 

In the top left corner, there is a taskbar, which indicates how many tasks have been completed by all crewmates.


As the Impostor, your objective is to kill the Crew Mates without being discovered or ejected (voted out). Best way to do this is to pretend you are a Crew Mate! 

You can tell who the other Impostors are as their name is in RED above their heads.


Playing as the Impostor you have the following options –

• Kill – This is how you kill the Crew Mates
• Sabotage – Make life harder for the Crew Mates by closing doors, switch off lights etc
• Report – When pretending to be a Crew Mate, press this if you find a dead body and it’ll start an Emergency Meeting where you can vote people out of the game
• Vent – Allows you to travel through the vents (ONLY Impostors can!)
• Use – Another way to start an Emergency Meeting as an Imposter

Emergency Meeting

Called by any player, an Emergency Meeting is an opportunity to vote people out of the game. To call a meeting you need to locate the Emergency Button, or via the Use icon when close to the Emergency Meeting table.

The maximum number of times an Emergency Meeting may be called per player is set by the Host when starting the game.

Ghosts Among Us!

If you are either killed or ejected from the ship you become a Ghost. Ghost Crew Mates are still able to complete tasks, can move freely through walls however, can’t fix Sabotages. They are invisible to players and Impostors who are still alive, however can be seen by other ghosts. They can even use the chat, but again only between other ghosts.

I hope you’ve found these Among Us tips helpful. Like everything, the best way to learn is to practice. Game on!

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