The Coolest Merchandise of 2021

Coolest roblox merch
Coolest roblox merch

Did you know that there are now over 150 million users of Roblox each month?!? Chances are, most kids under 13 are playing each day, so would love to receive some of these great gift ideas. We’ve searched the net to find you a list of the coolest Roblox merchandise for 2022! 

Latest Adopt Me merchandise for 2022

For a game that has an almost cult following, there isn’t much merchandise around for Adopt Me. However, I love these drawing and colouring books, they’re a great gift idea, particularly for the young Adopt Me fans. Look at it as a handy way to get the kids off screens for a while! 

Here are a few more cute gift ideas.

Can't go wrong with a Robux gift card

With thousands of games to choose from, kids will have no problem spending their Roblox gift cards! Regardless of which game they’re into, their Robux balance will transfer between games.

More unique Roblox gift ideas

While there is plenty of Roblox clothing out there, beyond that you need to dig a bit deeper. We’ve searched the net for you, to find some unusual and unique items to excite even the fussiest of kids.

PLUS + Among Us merchandise for 2022

Are your little crewmates also Among Us fans? While not a Roblox game, it’s still very popular. Check out these creative gift ideas to make them the envy of their friends!