The BEST Tower of Hell Hacks of 2022

Tower of Hell Hacks
Tower of Hell Hacks

How does Tower of Hell work?

Tower of Hell is a Roblox game where you race to the top of the tower through a maze of Obbies. You have 8 minutes to reach the top, with no checkpoints. Once someone reaches the top, the timer counts down at twice the speed.

These are the two towers in the game –

• Noob Towers – This is where you enter the game. There are fewer levels and it’s easier to reach the top.

• Pro Towers – Once you are ready for a challenge, head through the glowing archway to the Pro Towers. As the name suggests, it’s harder with more levels.

Should you fall off, hit the wrong blocks or the timer gets to 0, you will reset (respawn) to the bottom. 

Tower of hell pro

What is an Obby?

An Obby is a nickname for an obstacle course, which has many different stages and levels of difficulty. Tower of Hell is one big Obby. There are no checkpoints (unless you buy with Robux), so if you fall then you start from the bottom again. This is called Respawning.

Some of the Obbies can have sections that you can’t touch. Yes even if you were almost at the top you’ll still die and be respawned to the beginning. Not many Roblox games do that.

The Tower of Hell Shop

If you want to be an expert at Tower of Hell game, you’ll need to use the shop to your advantage. There are a variety of items, from extra time to invisibility. 

You find the shop button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. See below for some of the best items to buy to help you climb Tower of Hell.

Shop Roblox Tower of Hell
Tower of Hell Roblox Shop

Play with friends to share your purchases

If someone on your server makes a purchase, including Robux items, then everyone gets the benefit. So play together with your friends, this way each of you makes one purchase (make sure they are all different!) but you get the advantage of all of them!

Some combinations I would recommend are –

• Extra Time
• Invincibility
• Low Gravity

Extra Time

Exactly as it sounds. When purchased it adds 2 extra minutes to the timer.


This effect takes away all the sections that kill you when you touch them. You’ll find that makes it much easier and quicker to climb the Tower. Don’t confuse this with Invisibility which makes you see-through (invisible).

Low Gravity

Low Gravity allows you to jump higher. Sounds great, but it can take a while to get used to, so not always helpful. Be careful not to jump up into a kill-bit!

More ToH game tricks

Time is everything when you are racing the clock. So an awesome way to speed up your climbs is to learn how to Ladder Flick in Tower of Hell. Follow the steps in the  video to learn more. 

Note that this is for the desktop version rather than mobile. Be sure to turn on the Shift Lock Switch in settings to start. Good luck!


If you have some really good players on your server, consider buying Invisibility (need Robux). This will slow them down, as they can’t see where they are.

Top Tip – type something in the chatbox as it will show above your character’s head. You’ll then be able to see where you are.

Know when to start your climb

Tower of Hell timer

The timer constantly counts down from 8 minutes. So when you enter the game it may only have a couple of minutes left. So if you want to give yourself the best chance of making it to the top, wait until the timer resets to 8 minutes before you start climbing!

Tower of Hell vs THE Tower of Hell

There a few differences between Tower of Hell and THE Tower of Hell on Roblox. While they are similar in most ways, there are some big differences. The most significant being there is NO timer on TToH, so no need to rush! Here are a few good tips for TToH –

Take your time and be sure to have some breaks
It’s better to fall than be killed. By falling you might land on something on the way down
Don’t worry about shortcuts if they are harder to do, you have no time limit!

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