Adopt Me Houses – Follow these tips to create the BEST House!

Follow these tips to make the BEST Adopt Me House!

Coolest House Adopt Me

When first starting on the Roblox Adopt Me game, you are given a ‘Tiny Home.’ While quite basic, it still has a Living room, Bedroom, and Bathroom. It’s a great starting point, however, follow these tips to make your Roblox Adopt Me House Awesome!

All you need to know about Adopt Me Houses

Adopt Me House Buttons

When you enter your own house, you will see these three buttons.

Edit House – This is how you can add furniture, floors, walls, and more to your house
My Houses – Here you can change to another house if you own more
Lock – Allows you to lock your house to everyone except people in your family

How to Furnish your House

Once inside your House, simply click on ‘Edit House’ to be able to decorate and furnish your own place. There are so many different styles, from funky wallpaper to cool furniture.

Just remember, if you buy another house later. You can’t move your furniture or wallpaper to the new house! However, you can always use the same wallpaper, floor furniture, and more as the previous house if you like the style.

Keep reading below to see all the different types of houses to Adopt Me, and how cool each one is.

Use your friends & family to help furnish your House

Furnishing your House can be expensive! So why not work together as a team with your friends or family? This is a great feature of Adopt Me, as you can get your house looking super cool really fast.

Firstly, you need to get yourself a Workbench. These are free, to find them click ‘Edit House’ then ‘Stuff’. Choose where you want to put the Workbench in your House. You can then set a budget of how much people can spend, and choose which friends or family on your server you’d like to help you.

Workbench in your Adopt Me House

Set your Budget

Here you need to add some of your own bucks into a pink Piggy account. This is the money that you and your other builders use to furnish your house. You are able to get the money back by pressing the ‘Retrieve Budget’ button.

Built with friends on Adopt Me

What kind of Adopt Me houses can I get?

There are so many Houses to buy in Adopt Me. We’ve compiled a list of all the Houses available, along with their ‘Coolness’ rating! Use this guide to find what you think is the BEST house you can buy for your Bucks!

Best Value for Money House

Adopt Me Sandbox Island

All of the houses on Adopt Me are different and unique. However, my favorite is Sandbox Island. On the outside, it looks quite small. Step inside and you are transported to a proper island! It’s huge, giving plenty of room to build on.

Futuristic House ideas

A Futuristic House is one of my favourites on Adopt Me. It’s a nice size, not too big, not too small. While not cheap at $2500, it is the cheapest house that comes with a pool which is great for parties! Looking for some futuristic house ideas? Here is some inspiration!

House Price Coolness
Tiny Home
Family Home
Pizza Place
Tree House
Fairy House
Donut Shop
Pirate Ship
Shop House
Container House
Scary House
Gingerbread House
Lunar House
Crooked House
Modern Mansion
$350 Robux
A Very Very Important Person's House
$750 Robux
Celebrity Mansion
$800 Robux
Sandbox Island
Futuristic House
Biodome House
Royal Palace
Mermaid Mansion
$400 Robux
Dragons Castle
Mountain House
Cosy Cabin
$849 Robux
Eco House
$850 Robux
Party House
Hollywood House
Space Fleet House
$1250 Robux
Millionaire Mansion
$1250 Robux
Rulers Castle
Luxury Apartment

Adopt Me House Party!

So you have your house, have made it super cool, now is the time to throw a party! You will need to have a Pizza place or bigger.

The mailbox is where you need to start when throwing a party. Firstly you’ll need to give the party a name. After that, choose a theme and finally, send out your invites!

Adopt Me backpack

The mailbox is where you need to start when throwing a party. Firstly you’ll need to give the party a name. After that, choose a theme and finally, send out your invites!

Building on your roof

Did you know that you can build on your roof? Pretty cool! This is how you do it.

• Start by placing a chair halfway inside and halfway outside.
• After that, add more chairs on the outside of the wall. You can then move across the chairs to get onto the roof.
• Finally, start furnishing your rooftop!

Robux Houses vs Bucks Houses

While Robux houses in the table may look cheap, remember that one Robux costs 1.25 cents. So to buy a Modern Mansion is the cheapest option at $4.38 (real money!) However, it’s quite expensive to buy a Millionaires Mansion at $15.63 USD. Generally, you get what you pay for, and Robux will certainly allow you to get better houses quickly, but don’t forget that the bigger the house, the more you need to furnish it! 

Follow these Adopt Me Money Tips to learn how to earn Bucks faster!

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