Top 6 Adopt Me Money Tips

Stay Online for more Adopt Me Money

Instead of closing your Adopt Me page when you’ve finished, leave it open.  Every Adopt Me day/night you can collect Adopt Me money ($20 bucks) So by staying online you can come back and claim your Bucks before switching off. Your tasks will continue to build so you can action all of these tasks too.

However, once you’ve been idle for 20 minutes it will kick you off. So set a timer for 19 minutes!

Parents, your kid’s aren’t addicted to screens, they’re just earning more Adopt Me money!

Collect your Daily Reward

The Daily Reward is daily, which means it’s every 24 hours! If you can, set a timer or alarm to log in every day. It then means you could get 7 daily rewards per week. Rather than slightly less than that if you leave it more than 24 hours to login. Make it the same time every day, so you remember.

Play as a Baby

Adopt Me babyChoosing to play as a Baby is the easiest way to get more Adopt Me money. You can still have a pet by your side so you won’t miss out on the pet tasks plus you’ll get rewards for taking care of your own needs too.

The orange and blue task also apply to you when you play as a baby and they will always be the same place that your pet needs to go to. Playing as a baby can double your income!

Buy an Adopt Me Money Tree

Adopt Me Money Tree
Credit: Roblox Corp

How many times have your parents said ‘I don’t have a money tree?’ Well, on Adopt Me you can buy your own. For $1450 Bucks you can get your very own Money Tree to put inside your house. Every Adopt Me day you will earn $8 from your Money Tree. Don’t bother buying two as you won’t earn any extra money from the second tree. You can always sell the Money Tree if you like, but be aware the selling price is $1077 Bucks.

Do the Orange Tasks First

You usually get one orange task per day. They appear as an orange circle at the top of your screen. You should do these tasks first as they disappear once it changes from day to night, or night to day.

Some examples of Orange Tasks are –

There is only one way to get two orange tasks for the day. After completing your first orange task, look for someone who is sick. You can tell they are sick as they have green bubbles around them. Best place to find sick people?? The hospital of course! 

Find the hospital near the town square and wait for the sick people to arrive. By being near them they will make you or your animal sick. Enter the hospital and either see the doctor or eat a healing apple to heal yourselves. You are now able to do a second orange task on the same day!

These orange tasks are different from the blue ones as you need to complete them within a certain time (usually the same day/night) or they will vanish.

Be a Parent and Adopt a Baby

Adopt Me Mom Baby
Credit: Roblox Corp

Want to double your Bucks? If you can Adopt a baby then you will get twice as much money.

To start off, make sure you have a pet or egg out. This is how you double up –

On the right sidebar, you can select Family > Create Family > Leave your Family. Time now to find a baby in the game. Once you do, click on it and there will be an option to either Trade, Give an item or join Family (if there isn’t a ‘join the Family’ option then move on to the next baby)

Once you’ve found a baby and joined its family, you pick it up and will see the baby’s tasks on the top of the screen. By doing these tasks you will collect the babies money (the baby will get it too)

Be aware that once you leave the game you won’t have the baby next time you play.

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    This is a great article! For the playground task, maybe add, “You can either go to the playground, or play a piano in your house.” It’s so much easier than going to the playground.

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    This helped me so much! thx for the tips!

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    I love adopt me and now I am sure that with this tutoring in how to get more bucks,I’ll have a woodland egg in no time! 🙂

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