Adopt Me Pets – Learn how to get the BEST!

Adopt Me best pets

What are the best pets on Adopt Me?

Adopt me best pets

Everyone who plays Adopt Me wants the best and rarest Pets. But how do you know what’s rare? Let me walk you through what makes the most desirable pets.

What are the Best Pets?

Everyone has their idea of what is the best pet in Adopt Me is. But I think we all agree, that the Best Pet is something cool that not many people have. It could be a Legendary Mega- Neon Flyable/Rideable, or it could just be a cool looking Common Pet that has been out of the game for quite some time.

So, let’s get on your way to a Backpack full of super cool pets by following these tips –

Make a Plan!

It’s easy to wander through the game Hatching Eggs and making trades without working towards a plan. Decide today what animal you want to collect to build into one of the best Pets on Adopt Me. Start by learning a few basics. Firstly, how to grow a Pet through all the stages, all the way to MEGA-NEON. And secondly, what Pets/Eggs are no longer in the game, making them worth getting and holding!

Make your own awesome Pet!

Decide on what type of Pet you want to eventually turn into a Neon. Common Pets are a good start as they are easy to pick up in trades.

Growing Stages

Complete all the Orange and Blue tasks required for the Pets to become fully grown –

• Newborn
• Junior
• Pre-Teen
• Post-Teen
• Full Grown

A handy tip if you want to age your pets – create your own private server so you aren’t bothered by trading offers.

Turn them into a Neon Pet

Launched in July 2019, Adopt Me introduced the ability to create Neon Pets. These are really cool! To make a Neon pet you need –

• 4 of the same type of Pet, and
• Have all 4 fully grown

You now need to find the Neon Cave. Make your way to the main Bridge, drop over the side into the water where you’ll see the entrance to the Neon Cave. Inside, you’ll find an area where you place all 4 of your pets on pads, from which a Neon Pet appears in the middle.

What's better than a Neon? A MEGA NEON!​

Just when you thought a Neon Pet as good as it gets, in April 2020 Adopt Me introduced the MEGA NEON! This time you need 4 fully grown Neon Pets (which is made up of 16 Pets in total!)

Mega Neons are super cool as they glow in brightly changing colors. One minute it’s pink, next its yellow! 

Again, you’ll need to age your 4 Neon Pets, the stages of growth are –

• Reborn
• Twinkle
• Flare
• Sunshine
• Luminous

Top Tip: If you give only 1 of your Neon Pets the Fly-A-Pet-Potion and a Ride-A-Pet-Potion then your Mega Neon Pet will be both Fly-able and Ride-Able!

The Mega Neon is created in the same Neon Cave located under the Main Bridge.

Pets/Eggs now out of the Game

These are the Pets you want to try and trade for, as they are or will become very hard to find.

Type Safari Eggs Farm Eggs Christmas Eggs Jungle Eggs Monkey Boxes Aussie Eggs Fossil Eggs Ocean Eggs Mythic Eggs Woodland Eggs Japan Eggs


Tasmanian Tiger Ground Sloth
Dugong Sudo Mole


Meercat Wild Boar
Silly Duck Drake
Black Panther Capybara
Triceratops Stegosaurus Glyptodon
Crab Dolphin
Red Cardinal
Rhino Beetle Tanuki


Elephant Hyena
Cow Pig
Reindeer Shrew Swan Polar Bear
Brown Bear
Kelpie Emu
Woolly Mammoth Dilophosaurus Pterodactyl
Narwhal Seahorse
Red Fox Woodpecker
Koi Carp Ibis Leopard Cat


Flamingo Lion
Turkey Llama
Arctic Fox Hedgehog
Platypus Crocodile
Business Monkey Toy Monkey
Frog Koala
Sabertooth Deinonychus
Hydra Wyvern
Pine Marten Salamander
Red-Crowned Crane Trapdoor Snail Spider Crab


Owl Crow
Frost Dragon Arctic Reindeer
Albino Monkey Monkey King Ninja Monkey
Turtle Kangaroo
Dodo T-Rex
Octopus Shark
Goldhorn Phoenix
Fallow Deer Hawk
Baku Maneki-Neko

* Christmas Eggs are only available during Christmas time, purchased using Gingerbread as currency.

* During Halloween these Pets have been available to purchase using Candy as currency –

  • Zombie Buffalo
  • Evil Unicorn
  • Bat Dragon
  • Bat
  • Albino Bat
  • Ghost Bunny
  • Skele-Rex
  • Cerberus (Bought with Robux)

* Blue Dog (from a Blue Egg) and a Pink Cat (from a Pink Egg) are also out of the game now, so quite rare.

* Golden Eggs and Diamond Eggs can only be bought using Star Rewards, which is from logging in every day.

Golden pets are –

  • Golden Griffin
  • Golden Dragon
  • Golden Unicorn

Diamond Pets are –

  • Diamond Griffin
  • Diamond Dragon
  • Diamond Unicorn
The latest pet on offer is the Legendary Cobra which can be bought from the Sky Castle for 500 Robux.

What Eggs should I buy now?

The current promotion in the Gum-Ball Machine is the Japan Egg. They are producing some great animals which will become quite rare in time. Here is the full list of Japan Pets you should consider keeping or trading now before they disappear –

  • Dugong
  • Sudo Mole
  • Rhino Beetle
  • Tanuki
  • Koi Carp
  • Ibis
  • Leopard Cat
  • Red-Crowned Crane
  • Trapdoor Snail
  • Spider Crab
  • Baku 
  • Maneki-Neko

As Japan Eggs are leaving next, many people have plenty. So people will be happy to trade away their Woodland Eggs and pets. So now is a good time to collect as many Japan Eggs as you can, to store away in your Backpack as eventually, they will become rare.

Coming soon is the MYTHIC EGG! Save some Bux so you can buy some right away. If you can trade some Legendary Mythic Pets right away, you’ll find some great trades!

So what are the BEST and RAREST Pets on Adopt Me?

What do you think is the BEST Pet on Adopt Me?

Let’s assume they are all Mega Flyable and Rideable!

And the Winner is - Shadow Dragon!

Best Pet on Adopt Me Poll Results

There seems to be so many scams on Adopt Me now. Check out our list of the most common scams and learn how to trade pets safely.

Check out the following clip for the Top 10 Rarest Pets on Adopt Me!

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Do you have a birthday coming up? We’ve found some of the coolest Adopt Me gear out there. Be sure to show your parents!

Adopt Me Houses – Follow these tips to create the BEST House!

Coolest House Adopt Me

Follow these tips to make the BEST Adopt Me House!

Coolest House Adopt Me

When first starting on the Roblox Adopt Me game, you are given a ‘Tiny Home.’ While quite basic, it still has a Living room, Bedroom, and Bathroom. It’s a great starting point, however, follow these tips to make your Roblox Adopt Me House Awesome!

All you need to know about Adopt Me Houses

Adopt Me House Buttons

When you enter your own house, you will see these three buttons.

Edit House – This is how you can add furniture, floors, walls, and more to your house
My Houses – Here you can change to another house if you own more
Lock – Allows you to lock your house to everyone except people in your family

How to Furnish your House

Once inside your House, simply click on ‘Edit House’ to be able to decorate and furnish your own place. There are so many different styles, from funky wallpaper to cool furniture.

Just remember, if you buy another house later. You can’t move your furniture or wallpaper to the new house! However, you can always use the same wallpaper, floor furniture, and more as the previous house if you like the style.

Keep reading below to see all the different types of houses to Adopt Me, and how cool each one is.

Use your friends & family to help furnish your House

Furnishing your House can be expensive! So why not work together as a team with your friends or family? This is a great feature of Adopt Me, as you can get your house looking super cool really fast.

Firstly, you need to get yourself a Workbench. These are free, to find them click ‘Edit House’ then ‘Stuff’. Choose where you want to put the Workbench in your House. You can then set a budget of how much people can spend, and choose which friends or family on your server you’d like to help you.

Workbench in your Adopt Me House

Set your Budget

Here you need to add some of your own bucks into a pink Piggy account. This is the money that you and your other builders use to furnish your house. You are able to get the money back by pressing the ‘Retrieve Budget’ button.

Built with friends on Adopt Me

What kind of Adopt Me houses can I get?

There are so many Houses to buy in Adopt Me. We’ve compiled a list of all the Houses available, along with their ‘Coolness’ rating! Use this guide to find what you think is the BEST house you can buy for your Bucks!

Best Value for Money House

Adopt Me Sandbox Island

All of the houses on Adopt Me are different and unique. However, my favorite is Sandbox Island. On the outside, it looks quite small. Step inside and you are transported to a proper island! It’s huge, giving plenty of room to build on.

Futuristic House ideas

A Futuristic House is one of my favourites on Adopt Me. It’s a nice size, not too big, not too small. While not cheap at $2500, it is the cheapest house that comes with a pool which is great for parties! Looking for some futuristic house ideas? Here is some inspiration!

House Price Coolness
Tiny Home
Family Home
Pizza Place
Tree House
Fairy House
Donut Shop
Pirate Ship
Shop House
Container House
Scary House
Gingerbread House
Lunar House
Crooked House
Modern Mansion
$350 Robux
A Very Very Important Person's House
$750 Robux
Celebrity Mansion
$800 Robux
Sandbox Island
Futuristic House
Biodome House
Royal Palace
Mermaid Mansion
$400 Robux
Dragons Castle
Mountain House
Cosy Cabin
$849 Robux
Eco House
$850 Robux
Party House
Hollywood House
Space Fleet House
$1250 Robux
Millionaire Mansion
$1250 Robux
Rulers Castle
Luxury Apartment

Adopt Me House Party!

So you have your house, have made it super cool, now is the time to throw a party! You will need to have a Pizza place or bigger.

The mailbox is where you need to start when throwing a party. Firstly you’ll need to give the party a name. After that, choose a theme and finally, send out your invites!

Adopt Me backpack

The mailbox is where you need to start when throwing a party. Firstly you’ll need to give the party a name. After that, choose a theme and finally, send out your invites!

Building on your roof

Did you know that you can build on your roof? Pretty cool! This is how you do it.

• Start by placing a chair halfway inside and halfway outside.
• After that, add more chairs on the outside of the wall. You can then move across the chairs to get onto the roof.
• Finally, start furnishing your rooftop!

Robux Houses vs Bucks Houses

While Robux houses in the table may look cheap, remember that one Robux costs 1.25 cents. So to buy a Modern Mansion is the cheapest option at $4.38 (real money!) However, it’s quite expensive to buy a Millionaires Mansion at $15.63 USD. Generally, you get what you pay for, and Robux will certainly allow you to get better houses quickly, but don’t forget that the bigger the house, the more you need to furnish it! 

Follow these Adopt Me Money Tips to learn how to earn Bucks faster!

Adopt Me Beginner Tips

Adopt Me money Tips

Adopt Me Beginner Tips

Adopt Me Beginner Tips

First time playing? This is where you need to start. Let me run you through all the Adopt Me Beginner Tips you’ll need to know when starting out.

Firstly, the main goal when playing Adopt Me is to get the best and rarest pets! You do that through earning money to buy Eggs, or by trading with other players. Secondly, build your empire with an awesome house and some cool toys. 

Ok, let’s get started!

Money, Money, Money

Money Adopt Me
Robux and Bucks

You’ll find there are two different types of money on Adopt Me, make sure you learn this first –

Robux: You have to purchase these with real money. 

Bucks: These are earnt through the game for Free.

There are a few ways you earn Bucks. Firstly, just by logging in every day, you will get rewarded. By doing tasks you will also earn money, just remember to have a pet out or be a baby while you do them!

What is in my Backpack?

Adopt Me backpack

The backpack is the most used item in Adopt Me. It’s here you can access all of your pets, food, toys and cars etc.


A great time-saving trick to learn right away is how to teleport (move instantly somewhere) using your backpack. The first teleport you need to learn is how to get to the Gift Store. It’s super simple, just open your Backpack and click on Gifts. Then click the + button, then click Yes and you’ll instantly be moved to the Gift Store. Easy!

Have some friends playing Adopt Me too, but don’t know where they are? Well, you just have to Teleport to them. This time you need to click on the Friends tab on the right side of your screen. It’ll then bring up a box showing you if any of your friends are online. If they are it’ll have a green ‘Teleport‘ box. Simply click on that and you’ll magically appear where they are!

Beginner Tips for Pets

How to get Pets

When starting out in Adopt Me you will be given a Starter Egg, which is a white egg with a graduation hat. However, you will only get a Cat or a Dog from a Starter Egg. To hatch your egg into a pet you’ll need to do 4 tasks. These appear as Orange and Blue circles on the top of the page. You can lean all about Eggs and how to hatch them on our Adopt Me Eggs page.

Adopt Me Tasks

The 5 Categories of Pets

What is the most common pet that you or your friends have in real life? A dog or a cat most likely. Know anyone with a pet Koala? Well, on Adopt Me anyone can have a dog, but as with life, rare pets are way cooler. 

Adopt Me is a game of chances. You choose how much you pay for Eggs depending on what chance you have of getting the best type of Pets.

Pets are grouped into these 5 types –

• Common 
• Uncommon
• Rare
• Ultra-Rare
• Legendary

Keep in mind that there are temporary promotions in Adopt Me for different groups of animals. For example, Japan Egg. These eggs won’t be here forever, so even the Common and Uncommon Woodland animals will be more trade-able once they are no longer available. 

How do I get the Best Pets?

It takes time, don’t expect to have great pets right away. The people with awesome rideable and mega neon Legendary pets have spent a long time earning money for eggs and doing some great trades. Starting out, the quickest way to get great pets is by –

• Earning Bucks faster: Follow our Adopt Me Money Tips to learn how.

• Being a Trading Pro: Trading is the quickest free way to fill your Backpack with cool Pets and toys. Everyone has different likes, so be selective with what trades you accept. Sometimes you find some great pets that people are willing to swap!

 • Buy Pets with Robux: A quick way to get some pets that you can trade.

Adopt Me Dragon

Ageing your Pets

Once you hatch your eggs, you’ll need to age your Pets by completing the Orange and Blue tasks. Your pets will then change from Newborn, through to Fully Grown. Bear in mind you’ll need to do many more tasks to age a Legendary pet than to age a Common pet.

Learn more about how to get the BEST and COOLEST Pets on our Adopt Me Pets page!

Play on a Private Server

The main game can get pretty busy sometimes. Fine if you are looking for people to trade with, but when you’re just trying to age your pets it can be a little annoying. So if you would like to have the game to yourself, or just play with your friends, create a private server (for free!) 

To do this, start on the Roblox main page. Enter Adopt Me, then scroll down to ‘Servers’. After that click ‘Create Private Server’ and you are then able to name your server. If you choose Configure you will be able to invite your friends, by generating a link that you send to them. You are only able to create one server per player. Enjoy your private Adopt Me server!

Get your own House

When first joining Adopt Me you will be given a basic House. Over time you will be able to improve and furnish your house as you earn more Bucks. 

Have a read here how to get the BEST Houses on Adopt Me. Some great tips.

Now go and put all these Adopt Me beginner tips into action. Game On!

How to safely Trade Pets on Adopt Me – Don’t get scammed!

Scams on Adopt Me
adopt me scams

There are so many scams on Adopt Me now, with people getting more and more sneaky. So what are the scammers looking for? Mostly, they want your good pets. 

People are always coming up with new ways to trick you, so don’t fall for the tricks! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common scams so you won’t fall into the traps.

Ageing your pets - pet sitters

Hey, I can age your pets for you

How long does it take to age your pets?? So long right, which makes it tempting when someone offers to age them for you. Players will offer to age your pets, often doing the right thing with a lower grade pet to get your trust. Never trust anyone you don’t know to age your pets! People, other than family might run off with them.

Anyone in your family can age your pets without trading them. Simply stand next to your family member with the pet out and they can click ‘pick-up’. 

Cloning or doubling pets

If you give me your pet, I'll give you back two the same

It is not possible to clone pets in Adopt Me. So if someone claims they can, they are lying. 

Scammers can easily double common or un-common pets as they will have a backpack full of them. Never give someone your pets if they claim that they can double them!

Note how they have spelt Roblox??

Fake profile links

Click on this link to find my profile

If you want to trade with someone you don’t know well, they might suggest that you click on a link to get to their profile. DON’T CLICK IT! 

It’s a fake link which will be designed to steal your login details. 

Naming your pet with cool fonts or emoji's

I can give you pet a cool name, you just need to lend it to me

You’ll notice that some people have cool fonts and emoji’s as names for their pets. It’s not that hard to do, you just need to find the font/emoji on another page, write what you want, then copy and paste to the game.

Be careful when someone is recommended

Use this person, they are trusted

It’s easier to trust someone if they have been recommended right? Some scammers on Adopt Me work in pairs, with one person claiming the other person is trusted. Don’t trust a single recommendation from someone you don’t know!

Adopt me noob scam

I'm poor. I'm a noob. I've been scammed. I'm sick - help me!

I've just lost my 'favourite' pet to a scammer 😟 Can you give me one of your pets?

So many scammers have stories that aim to take advantage of your kindness. Whilst their story may be true, most of the time it’s a lie. I normally give them a bottle of water, or a sandwich instead.

A great tip to check if someone really is poor, or a noob, is to find their house. If it’s better than a plain Tiny house then i bet they aren’t poor!

Party scams

Whoever buys the most Lemonade from my stall gets a free pet

Some clever scammers host a party, showing everyone their cool pet. Then they say ask people to buy Lemonade from their stall, with the person who buys the most, able to win the cool pet they have. Sounds great, but they run everyone out of money and don’t give away the pet!

Trust Trading

Give me your pet first, I'll give you mine after

Never fall for this one! Don’t ever trust trade with anyone that is not family. Otherwise, they can take your pet and disappear.

Trading Pet wear / toys instead of actual items

I have a Flying Broomstick to trade

A few have traded good pets for a Flying Broomstick (Legendary Accessory), only to find out after the trade it’s actually a Witch Broom (Pet wear). They look very similar in the trading box, so be careful! 

The Kangaroo Pogo stick can easily be mistaken for a Kangaroo pet.

Lastly, please don’t fall for the Boot Car scam. The Boot isn’t a car, it is just big! So when moving around while out it looks like a car.

Youtuber scammers

I'm a YouTuber, can I borrow your pet to take a thumbnail picture?

If someone claims to be a YouTuber, don’t be fooled into lending them a pet. Some claim they just want to screenshot the trade and will dismiss it, then they accept and run away with your pet.

How to safely buy pets on Adopt Me

For Parents

Parents, there are ways to buy amazing pets for your kids on Adopt Me. It is not without risk though, so don’t pay an amount you’re not prepared to lose. Some of the avenues are –

eBay  Pay particular attention to the sellers’ feedback rating, plus the number they’ve sold

• Fiverr – Look for 5* sellers with at least 5-10 positive comments. Can also find people to age pets

Facebook – There are plenty of groups here to choose from. Not all are equal though, so be very selective. My favourite is a private group called Adopt Me Roblox – Moms Dads and Adults Who Play. Once joined you can find a list of trusted sellers who list their prices. Be sure to cross-check that the trusted seller has more than one recommendation on the group.

*UPDATE  Adopt Me have been banning people who are friends with known Pet sellers. So I do NOT recommend buying pets anymore! *

For Kids

Always think to yourself ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.’

Be clever with your trades. Read our Best Pets on Adopt Me page to work out which pets you should keep, and which are going to be valuable in the future. Remember, the better pets you have, the better you will get. Use your family to help age your pets faster.

Follow our guide on how to get money fast in Adopt Me to start earning Bux faster, meaning you can buy more eggs!

Protections against scamming in Adopt Me

The folks at Adopt Me are constantly trying to protect their players against being scammed. Recently, they have adopted a few improvements.

Trade Licence Adopt Me

Trading Licence – To be able to trade any Ultra-Rare or Legendary pets you must first get a trading licence. This also enables you to see your trading history for the last 30 days, which allows you to report any scammers. To get a Trading Licence, go to the Safety Hub (near the Hat shop) where you’ll need to answer a few questions regarding what is a safe trade, and what is a scam.

Unbalanced Trade Warnings – In November 2020, the game added some extra warnings to alert people that they may be doing a bad trade. These alerts have to be accepted and you have an extra 15 seconds to do so.

Mute a scammers chat – Did you know that there is a way to stop seeing messages from someone? You just type into the chatbox –

/mute ‘type their name‘ 
For example   /mute thescammer

Now you will no longer see what they write!

Be careful out there with your trading on Adopt Me. Hope you have learnt a few things here, be sure to add your suggestions in the comments below. Best of luck!

Adopt Me Eggs – All you need to know!

Adopt me egg tips

Become an Eggs-pert from these Adopt Me Egg Tips

Adopt me egg tips

There are three ways to get pets on Adopt MeEggs that you hatch yourself, trading with others or, using Robux. To get Robux you need to buy them with real money. I prefer the first two methods as I’m not ready to use real money in this game.

• Bucks  = Adopt Me money
• Robux = Real money

While it might seem complicated at first, let me describe the process from where you find the eggs through to the excitement and surprise when you find out what pet you’ve hatched.

Where do I buy Adopt Me Eggs

Adopt Me NurseryAdopt Me Eggs can be bought using Bucks at the Nursery. The prices vary depending on what type of egg you buy.

As you enter the Nursery you have the option of turning left to Pets or right to Babies. Follow the sign to Pets and you will find the Gumball machine, which is where you’re able to buy the limited release Eggs, which at the moment are Fossil Eggs.

You will see a few different rooms inside the Nursery, each selling different types of Eggs. Read on to learn How much do Eggs cost?

What Type of Eggs are there

The Adopt Me Eggs can be divided into two categories. Those that are permanently in the game, and those that are temporarily added.

Eggs that are always available in the game –

• Cracked Eggs
• Pet Eggs
• Royal Eggs. 

The eggs bought from the Gumball machine are temporary promotions, so they won’t be available forever. For instance, some Eggs that are no longer available are –

  • Farm Eggs
  • Safari Eggs
  • Jungle Eggs
  • Golden Eggs
  • Diamond Eggs
  • Christmas Eggs
  • Aussie Eggs
  • Fossil Eggs
  • Ocean Eggs
  • Mythic Eggs
  • Woodland Eggs


The current Gumball promotion is the Japan Egg!

Check out our table here that lists all the Pets that are no longer available from Eggs.

How Much do Adopt Me Eggs cost

The prices are set depending on what chance you have of getting a Legendary Pet. Learn about the different types of Adopt Me Pets here.

As the Cracked Egg has the lowest chance of getting a Legendary Pet it costs $350.
A Pet Egg costs $600.
Gumball machine Eggs always cost $750.
The best chance of hatching a Legendary Pet is through a Royal Egg, which costs a whopping $1450! 

The first time you play the game, go to the Nursery to collect your free starter egg. After that, follow these Top 6 Adopt Me Money Tips to earn your Bucks quickly to buy plenty of Eggs.

How to Hatch an Egg

There are four tasks you will need to complete to hatch your starter Egg. These consist of Blue and Orange Tasks. Do the Orange tasks first as they disappear once it changes from day to night or night to day. After that, do the Blue tasks as they are normally quicker and easier to complete, but not as effective.

Adopt Me Tasks

The tasks appear in circles at the top of the screen. Just click on the blue or orange circles and it’ll bring up arrows, simply follow the line of arrows and it’ll guide you to where you need to  go to complete the task. 

These are the different tasks –

Blue Tasks

Orange Tasks

Now for the surprise of what Egg you've hatched!!

You know your Egg is about to hatch when a white foggy mist starts to be expelled from the top. Best of luck, hope you’ve hatched a Legendary!

To learn how to get the BEST Pets here!

Unicorn egg

Top 6 Adopt Me Money Tips

Adopt Me Money Tips

Stay Online for more Adopt Me Money

Instead of closing your Adopt Me page when you’ve finished, leave it open.  Every Adopt Me day/night you can collect Adopt Me money ($20 bucks) So by staying online you can come back and claim your Bucks before switching off. Your tasks will continue to build so you can action all of these tasks too.

However, once you’ve been idle for 20 minutes it will kick you off. So set a timer for 19 minutes!

Parents, your kid’s aren’t addicted to screens, they’re just earning more Adopt Me money!

Collect your Daily Reward

The Daily Reward is daily, which means it’s every 24 hours! If you can, set a timer or alarm to log in every day. It then means you could get 7 daily rewards per week. Rather than slightly less than that if you leave it more than 24 hours to login. Make it the same time every day, so you remember.

Play as a Baby

Adopt Me babyChoosing to play as a Baby is the easiest way to get more Adopt Me money. You can still have a pet by your side so you won’t miss out on the pet tasks plus you’ll get rewards for taking care of your own needs too.

The orange and blue task also apply to you when you play as a baby and they will always be the same place that your pet needs to go to. Playing as a baby can double your income!

Buy an Adopt Me Money Tree

Adopt Me Money Tree
Credit: Roblox Corp

How many times have your parents said ‘I don’t have a money tree?’ Well, on Adopt Me you can buy your own. For $1450 Bucks you can get your very own Money Tree to put inside your house. Every Adopt Me day you will earn $8 from your Money Tree. Don’t bother buying two as you won’t earn any extra money from the second tree. You can always sell the Money Tree if you like, but be aware the selling price is $1077 Bucks.

Do the Orange Tasks First

You usually get one orange task per day. They appear as an orange circle at the top of your screen. You should do these tasks first as they disappear once it changes from day to night, or night to day.

Some examples of Orange Tasks are –

There is only one way to get two orange tasks for the day. After completing your first orange task, look for someone who is sick. You can tell they are sick as they have green bubbles around them. Best place to find sick people?? The hospital of course! 

Find the hospital near the town square and wait for the sick people to arrive. By being near them they will make you or your animal sick. Enter the hospital and either see the doctor or eat a healing apple to heal yourselves. You are now able to do a second orange task on the same day!

These orange tasks are different from the blue ones as you need to complete them within a certain time (usually the same day/night) or they will vanish.

Be a Parent and Adopt a Baby

Adopt Me Mom Baby
Credit: Roblox Corp

Want to double your Bucks? If you can Adopt a baby then you will get twice as much money.

To start off, make sure you have a pet or egg out. This is how you double up –

On the right sidebar, you can select Family > Create Family > Leave your Family. Time now to find a baby in the game. Once you do, click on it and there will be an option to either Trade, Give an item or join Family (if there isn’t a ‘join the Family’ option then move on to the next baby)

Once you’ve found a baby and joined its family, you pick it up and will see the baby’s tasks on the top of the screen. By doing these tasks you will collect the babies money (the baby will get it too)

Be aware that once you leave the game you won’t have the baby next time you play.